What About a Wavy Helix For Your Own House?

Geometric designs remain popular and fashionable in style and house furnishings. I’ve been a supporter of lattice kind designs and the several fretwork, and have lately been brought to some lesser known one that seems like intersecting waves. Because it resembles a double-helix DNA molecule it’s known as the helix routine, which is composed. The result is currently streaming ribbon like waves or somewhat pointed oblong shapes, according to which portion of the layout you concentrate on.

Amy Lau Style

Draperies or curtains display off this routine nicely. These panels include drama to your mid century modern inspired living area, while the remaining furnishings are kept easy.

Amy Lau Style

Here is a closer look. The waves that are intersecting quit and begin, including even more curiosity. The pillow replicates the layout.

ds design studio

Embroidered Lumbar Pillow – Decorat – $25

This related pillow I located on Etsy.com has two interlocking sets of wavy lines. Etsy is an excellent website for handcrafted throw pillows that are affordable.


A version of the print on those drapes throw pillow designs and does not take on the daring carpet.

Jan Jessup

PINTA SEA-FOAM – Material by Calico Corners – $59.99

The layout appears different with respect to the colours as well as the elements used. In this material, the lines appear to rest along with the tan types. A depth provides a Moroccan appearance to the routine.

Kerrie L. Kelly

In a kitchen that is neutral, the waves provides a delicate print. Observe the accent tile lining in the back-splash is exactly the same colour using a wavy motion in the plan.

ds design studio

Helix Velvet – Thibaut Anniversary Set

This neutral- cloth with cut-velvet lines seems amazing on an armchair.

Summerour Architects

Here, a pleasant detail is made by the helix pattern and is gently duplicated on display and the headboard. The panels underneath a DD a little glamor to the chamber.

This one is mild on dim.


Vanguard – “Gwendolyn” Chest – $1,659

And this one, darkish on mild, is finished with nail-head detailing.

West Elm

Allegra Hicks Wave Pillow Protect – $3 4

The lines in these pillows are nearly imperceptible here, making oblong shapes that are pointed.

ds layout studio

Painted Swirl Duvet + Shams – West Elm

It’s inspired by the helix routine despite the fact that this can be technically perhaps not geometric. I love the aesthetic and imperfection quality of the hand-painted bed clothing.

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