Theves Poplar Plants

Theves poplar (Poplus nigra Afghanica) is the typical title to get a sterile female strain of the Lombardy poplar tree. This columnlike tree also passes the name Populus nigra var and comes from the Salicaceae family. thevestina. The Theves poplar is a tree, that usually out- . It’s a tree, meaning it loses its leaves throughout the winter and fall months. Theves Poplar trees endure in the Environment Zones of all Sunset’s.

Size and Colour

Poplar trees grow as tall as 6 feet throughout the year. With fertilizers to wellness and support development, these fast-growing trees grow as tall as 9 to 12-feet a year. A Theves poplar tree that is mature is between 40 and 75 feet tall. It seems like its relative but is somewhat shorter. Described as spire-like, the Theves poplar grows with branches that angle, in a tall column. Its deep-green leaves are oval in shape pointed ends. Throughout the fall months, the leaves turn a deep mustard-yellow; they disappear through the winter months.


Because of the size, Theves poplar trees are great for for those who have who’ve the room to to allow for them. They’re most useful for homeowners or estate owners who have big yards that need trees for privacy and screening. These trees are planted to produce a visible or sound, wind barrier. Simply because they disseminate as much as 6 to 10-feet around, plant Theves poplar trees at least 8 to 10-feet apart. They have been commonly employed to line driveways and entrances or to accent entry ways. These trees are aesthetically-pleasing around pools and water features. A pollen-free tree, it doesn’t worsen allergy victims.


The Theves poplar is more hardy and lives . It’s a tree that is very tolerant. Poplar trees that are Theves resist bugs and the diseases that afflict their parent tree. Together with mild and the appropriate water, Theves poplar trees stay up to 80 years. For the reason that it survives in most environment zones through the entire United States, poplar is a tree that is hardy. It survives in climates with temperatures as little as damaging 4-0 levels Fahrenheit. It might live a T elevations up to 7,000 feet.

Light and Water Wants

Poplar trees are tolerant of shade, yet this tree needs total, sunlight to prosper. Make sure your house receives a-T least six to eight hours of complete sunlight throughout the day before planting Theves poplar trees, in the event that your home is in a region. Theves poplar needs moist soil problems and typical watering. The roots stretch to seek out other water resources in case the plant doesn’t receive sufficient water. This harms the health of the tree and poses a difficulty in the event the roots attain water resources like under Ground piping, sewer lines or septic tanks. Never plant Theves poplar trees near to metropolis or domestic water resources.

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