The best way to Use Plant Food

Plant-food that is providing guarantees that plants get the nutrients needed to develop powerful. In the event of some plants that are flowering, the flowers bloom is also helped by plant-food. Three principal kinds of plant-food exist: fluid, fertilizer granular and sticks. When feeding a plant, select the kind of food-based on the phase of existence of the plant. Choosing the plant foods that is best for plant and the proper stage helps to ensure the plant absorbs nutrients in the way that is the best way. Granular meals work best while meals that are fluid may be utilized after planting, before planting. Fertilizer sticks offer a gradual release of nutrients to the soil for up up to yr.


Measure around one-cup of plant-food for each pound of soil.

Mix the plant-food together with the soil before planting, using shovel, a rake or tiller. Make sure that the soil is mixed evenly throughout by the plant foods.

Place the plant in the soil and pat the earth throughout the plant down to keep it safe. Water the plant in accordance with its watering needs and view your plant bloom.


A watering can with a gallon of water.

Place 2 tablespoons of liquid foods to the watering can and blend properly.

Water the soil throughout the plant per the specifications for the particular type of plant.

Fertilizer Sticks

Place the top on the the top of the spike.

Press the fertilizer spike to the floor at a 45-degree angle. For tree spikes that are greater, this might require the use of a hammer. Aim to keep the near the watering line for most useful results.

Place a fertilizer that is solitary stick roughly 1-inch far from the plant and 1 2-inches a-way from any spike.

Remove the spike and re-place every 3 months to twelve months depending on the sturdiness of the spike.

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