The best way to Submit a Quitclaim Deed

The quitclaim deed is the simplest form of property title in Ca. Unlike a grant or guarantee deed, the quitclaim deed transfers the owner no warranties or warrantees of title. This makes a quitclaim deed comparatively easy and risk free for the individual transferring property. California legislation demands a number of essential conditions for the contents of a quitclaim deed.

Submit a Quitclaim Deed

Find a type of the quitclaim deed. You can buy an application from an area lawyer, a web-based legal types retailer or an office-supply shop, or borrow a type that is utilized with a close friend or relative before. You may also seek out a quitclaim deed type in the area county recorder’s office.

Fill in the name of the grantor (the person transferring the title), and if feasible the grantor’s tackle.

Have a community notary confirm or recognize the grantor’s signature on the title. Typically this requires that the title is signed by the grantor in the existence of the notary that is public. The grantor is the one one who’s needed to sign the title.

Compose in the grantee’s title. The grantee is the one who’s taking title to the house. In addition, you may need to complete the grantee’s tackle, when possible.

Add a description of the house as well as the property address. As you’ll need to record the title in the area county recorder’s off ice, the legal description is important, and a lawful description is required by county recorders.

Take the title to the area county recorder’s workplace and spend a modest fee to possess the title recorded in the records that are public.

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