The best way to Replace a Freestanding Roof Post

Pavilions or pergolas give ways to invest time outside protected from light or sun rain. Over time can start to rot due to the continuous exposure to the the weather. This make it possible for the rot to propagate to other segments and will make the pavilion shaky. It’s possible for you to replace the post that is rotted and stop further harm from happening to the pavilion.

Put a jack beneath the the roofing close to the post that is broken. Assess the space between the very best of the roof as well as the jack. Cut two 2 by 4 boards using a circular saw that are 2″ shorter in relation to the measure. When sawing the wood Wear safety goggles. Facenail the planks -inch nails.

Stand the nailed 2 by 4s on-end along with the jack with an assistant’s help. Slowly lift the jack before the very best of the planks come with all the underside of the roofing. This may support this corner of the pavilion while the post is replaced by you.

Cut an alternative post to to match the size that is required. Use a layer of primer to the post using a paintbrush in the event the post isn’t primed and let it dry. Paint two coats of paint on the post, letting each layer to dry.

Unscrew screws or the bolts that connect the post and take away the post.

If bolts are employed to fasten the post drill holes through the whole post. If screws were employed as an alternative drill pilot holes to the post. Line up the holes on the post as helpful information to locating the holes on the place that is newest.

Set the newest place into place and affix it. Eliminate the 2-by-4s and lower the jack that were supporting the roof.

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