The best way to Refinish Aged Gold Mirror Frames

Replacing your out-of-day gold mirror having a new one usually takes a huge bite from the budget. By re-finishing your mirror that is outdated, you will leave more cash and get the new-and-enhanced mirror you want in your house. Transforming your body that is gold right into a fashionable silver, oil-rubbed bronze or contemporary appear will also provide you with the satisfaction of finishing this cash-saving your self to task.

Total Re-Finish

Paper, including outdated newspaper or computer printer paper, on the the top of mirror with blue painter’s tape, covering it entirely. Do not tape over any portion of the body.

Place a drop cloth beneath the the mirror to guard the flooring or ground Miami underneath as well as the surrounding places. This task is done outside, weather permitting.

Sand the body that is gold with 220-grit sandpaper to smooth any rough spots or gold paint that is flaking out.

Wipe the body using a clean moist cloth to remove any sanding or dirt particles.

Spray a straight, gentle coat of paint primer the frame on and permit it to dry to the touch.

Spray an even coat of paint, since the the body entirely. Allow the paint making certain it is dry to before spraying a 2nd coat of paint to to the touch. Allow the second coat to dry and use a coat of paint in the event that you if you prefer a a look that is more opaque.

Dip a foam paintbrush right into an other or metallic paint colour and dab the paint onto the elevated, decorative aspects of the body to add interest. A little bottle of paint is useful. Allow the paint to dry to the touch. This action is optional for finishing the task.

Quick Refinish for Textured Frames

Dip a foam paintbrush right into a satin or flat -end, latex paint colour of your selection. Dab the paintbrush onto a paper-towel, leaving a little amount of paint.

The paint-brush is swiped by gently lightly within the very best surface of the body. Avoid obtaining any paint below the most effective surface to the textured parts of the body. This will create a twotone look, with the gold showing through beneath the new paint at the top.

Allow the paint to dry to the touch.

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