The best way to Put In a Hand-Held Flexible Showerhead for more easy Bathing

Handheld showerheads help people who have trouble moving and the aged. In addition they help clean hard-to-reach places in your body. Hosepipes range up to 80- inches and showerheads that are contemporary let you correct patterns of the movement in addition to the level of water pressure. If wanted most hand-held shower heads add a mounting apparatus to allow one to shower without supporting the hose.

Switch off the water to the bath and shower assembly. A little entrance door is usually behind the bathtub wall or beneath the the bath and hides the shower principal.

Lubricate the threads of the showerhead and let it soak in according to the producer’s directions.

The old showerhead, utilizing a pipe wrench.

Clean the treads using an old toothbrush to get rid of any rubble, oil or left over bits from the tape or putty that has been sealing the the bond of the plumber. The conduit using a rag to remove all wet in the edge that is inside and outside the screw thread region.

Roll the threads equally with plumber’s tape. Don’t use over two levels of tape at any given place across the screw threads.

Install flexible slide bars, wall bars or any cups in accordance with the producer’s directions. When installing slide bars, connect for the showerhead after setup is complete. In order for the shower head is is available to any or all users fix the hook to the specified height on the bar.

Screw on the hose holder and tighten any screws required to to keep it in place. Join the shower hose to the holder then to the showerhead.

Turn on the water and examine the newest shower head. Examine the seal in the conduit a-T each end-of the hose to ensure there are not any flows and coming in in the wall.

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