The best way to Paint Ceramic Drawer Pulls

Necessity can actually function as master of creation, particularly if you’ve been active re-finishing a desk, dining table or bureau and facepainting the crowning contact — the ceramic drawer pulls. Instead of making the two most frequent errors — leaving the pulls in tact and attempting to gymnastically paint underneath or keeping the pulls in your hand and creating chaos — make an easy gadget that can literally draw the best kind of interest to the pulls. Bask in the the idea of being a grasp of a useful and nifty painting creation.

Remove the screw in the drawer pull and set it apart.

The dimensions of the hole at the back of of the drawer pull. Insert a strong or pencil, pen straw to the hole.

Insert the conclusion of pen, the pencil or straw right into a powerful, taut little bit of craft foam so the pull is readily available for painting and suspended. Don’t use Styrofoam as it may splinter and cause your drawer pull to topple. Cover the foam using a rag.

The drawer pull with two coats of latex primer that is thick. Allow the primer. If a layout on the pull or any trace of paint displays through, use a coat of primer.

Two coats of acrylic or latex paint to the pull. Allow the paint to dry completely between coats.

Should you believe they are going to be subjected to plenty of wear, protect and seal the the top of pulls and tear. Purely ornamental items might not need varnish.

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