The best way to Loosen a Sink Shut-Off Valve

When you need to perform on the sink Plumbing Services El Paso repair specialists sinks have shut-off valves connected with their pipes that let you turn off the water in one place as an alternative to the whole home. Sink shut-off valves stiffen or can freeze dis-use or because of mineral buildup. The packing nut of the valve is unscrewed to loosen the shut-off valve knob and also make it more easy to to show.

Turn the water-supply in the home meter off.

Grasp the bonnet nut, situated immediately under or next to the knob of the shut-off valve, using an adjustable wrench. Grasp the knob of the shut-off valve with a different wrench that is adjustable.

Hold the knob of the shut-off valve in place with one wrench while you change the bonnet nut counter-clockwise using the wrench that is other. Try to shift the valve knob after every turn. Stop turning the bonnet nut when the valve knob turns effortlessly and is free.

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