The best way to Cut VCT Tile

VCT tile, also called vinyl tile, has been a popular option for floors in bathrooms, kitchens, foyers, hallways and other high-traffic locations. It comes in lots of colors is durable and simple to clean, and may be laid in a near-infinite number of patterns. It’s relatively simple to to put, but may be hard if you don’t know how to reduce. It’s possible for you to use both a VCT tile cutter or cut tiles using a knife yourself.

Mark the tile. If you you will be cutting lots of tiles and are laying a large-area, reduce your tile using a VCT tile cutter you lease or purchase from equipment-rental shop or a hardware or home center. A VCT tile cutter consists of a steel base having an adjustable stop perpendicular and a fence to the fence for keeping tile in alignment. It has a movable blade which you push down using a lever handle to create the cut.

Slide the tile to the cutter with one edge from the cutter’s fence. The cut mark immediately beneath the blade. Adjust the stop from sliding too much to the cutter, to keep the tile. Press down on the cutter manage to to create the movable blade down till it satisfies a lower fixed-blade. This cuts the tile along a line that is straight. Repeat till you’ve cut tile that is enough.

If you’re only cutting several tiles cut your tile using a utility knife or are reducing intricate designs or curves. Mark the back side of the tile where it’s to be cut. Lay the tile on a a company flat area. Warm the tile from your back having a heat gun till it bends effortlessly. If reducing a straightline, location a straight edge over the cut-line that is marked and draw the knife across the line. If slicing a curve or alternative shape, attract the utility knife along the cut line that is marked.

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