The best way to Cover a Hopper Window

A hopper window is hinged in the underside. These windows are made to open inward to your point entirely perpendicular to the wall, enabling optimum ventilation in tiny areas or basements like bathrooms. If you’ve lately bought a house using a hopper window, you may wonder what kind of curtain therapy is most effective. Try two-panel curtains — they pushed to the side when you want the window open and may be parted in the middle, then pushed to the heart for privacy when the window is closed. Hopper window treatments are blinds or a window shade, but these might be cumbersome because of this window style. Cornice or a valance, although attractive, addresses only the very top of the window and gives privacy that is less.

In the event the window has one, using a metal tape measure, measure the width of the hopper window. Add 2 to 3″ to the measurement to find out the size needed for the curtain rod mounting components.

Purchase a single-rod curtain rod of the proper size.

Attach the curtain rod to the components packaged with it and maintain them against the wall about one to two inches over the window. Ask a helper to use a little level to ensure the rod is. Make pencil marks on the wall in the rod hardware’s little screw-holes. These are the places where you are going to drill.

Lay the curtain rod apart. Holes in the pencil marks utilizing a tiny battery- .

Attach the rod components to the wall utilizing the little screws that came packaged with the rod, utilizing both the drill or a screw-driver.

Measure the peak in the very best of the curtain rod to about 1-inch under the the window utilizing a metal tape measure. Record the measurement. This will definitely function as height required for your curtains.

Measure the width of the curtain rod. Multiply the quantity of inches by 2 1/2. This can be the calculation utilized to make a a delightful impact with panel curtains. Record the measurement. This measurement is the complete width to seem for when getting an established of two-panel curtains.

Purchase an established of two- width measurements you recorded and panel curtains that satisfy the peak. Remember to permit a small additional peak — generally just 1/2 to 1 inch — for the the above of curtain’s the rod pocket.

Detach the curtain rod from your rod hardware. Thread the two curtain panels looking to to shirr the cloth evenly over the width of the rod.

Place the rod, with curtains.

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