The best way to Build Oak Plywood Bookshelves

Oak plywood is extensively applied to wall models, entertainment systems and bookcases with shelves. It’s looks fantastic flexible and is user friendly, all with no cost of solid oak hardwood. Oak plywood is difficult to to tell apart from genuine oak lumber when utilized correctly. It’s possible for you to construct a 12-by-48-by-96-inch freestanding set of oak plywood book-shelves in one unit with a couple oak plywood strips you could pick up at a nearby home improvement retailer.

Install a 3/4 inch dado blade on a tablesaw. Raise the blade Slide the fence to

Place the miter gauge on the tablesaw set at 90-degrees. Place one of the 3/4 by-1 1 3/4 by-96-inch strips on the tablesaw before the miter gauge with one end from the fence.

Turn on the observed and operate the conclusion of the strip to the grain within the perpendicular to reduce a 3/8-by-3 4-inch rabbet on the conclusion of the board. Spin it 90-degrees and do the same on that conclusion. Cut rabbets on the 3/4 by-1 1 3/4 by-96-inch piece precisely the same way. This can be where bottom and the top will match.

Divide the amount of the 96-inch strips into four sections. Set the fence and use the miter gauge to reduce three 3/8-by-3/4 inch dadoes spaced. These are the shelf dadoes.

Run a bead of glue in to each dado as well as to the rabbets on the finish. Assemble the book case shelves right into a body by inserting the ends of the shelves to the rabbets on the best and bottom as well as the dadoes on each and every side.

Shoot four-pin nails each in to the ends of the shelves as well as the leading and bottom strips, through the lengthy strips.

Run a bead of glue over the fringe of of the frame. Place the 1/4inch plywood piece on the body. Pin nails 10-inches aside round the perimeter to secure the plywood straight back on the the machine. Mark the middle of every shelf having a pencil on either side. Align attract aline to to point where the shelf is and both marks having a straight-edge. Pin nails 10″ apart to secure the back.

Turn the device on its back. Run a bead of glue over the perimeter as well as the front of every shelf. Place the 1/4 by-3/4 by-96-inch strips on each facet. Shoot pin nails through them 6″ aside to secure them to the sides of the shelf unit.

Place the 1/4 by-3/4by-4-6 1/2 inch strips on the fringe of and the bottom and leading edges of every shelf. Pin nails in to each one of these of these, spaced a-T 6″.

Putty most of the nail holes utilizing wood dough and a putty knife. Sand and round every one of the corners of the book shelf having a hand-block using100- sandpaper. Stain and lacquer asneeded.

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