The best way to Attach Shelving into a Cement Wall

A common contemporary home has walls of dry wall over wood studs, on which it is possible to use dry wall anchors to include shelving. Older houses may have partitions of wood lath, which take shelving nails or screws. An loft or an avant garde building may use partitions made from cement. You require to use specific methods to to add shelves to the material that is solid.

Read the installation directions for the unit to confirm that installation hardware is included. The the apparatus might consist of vertical requirements that are more more complicated or basic wood brackets on which hang steel supports. All will usually need components that is screwing to the wall.

Bring some example screws and the directions . Ask the clerks for masonry or concrete wall anchors the installation components can match. They might suggest which you use screws suitable to the wall anchors rather compared to the ones that came with all the shelf supports.

Position the supports from the wall in the distances suggested by the installation directions. Like, a 36-inch-long shelf that’s 10″ deep might require two brackets positioned 32-inches aside. Use laser level or a bubble level to make sure that the supports are level with each other. Using your pencil, mark the middle of every support hole on the wall. Set the supports apart.

Insert your masonry drill bit to the drill. The installation guidelines will establish the depth of the hole as well as the dimensions of the bit. Consider leasing a hammer-drill out of your local hardware shop should you not have an appropriate bit. Bring an illustration of the wall anchor you formerly purchased, hence the clerk can supply you with the bit on your rental.

Wear mask and your security goggles. Drill a hole in to every one of the marks you created.

Insert the wall anchors to the holes. So their holes fall into line using the wall anchors position the shelf supports. Insert the screws to the holes of the support after which to the anchors. Turn the screws clock-wise till the supports are securely fastened by them to the shelf. Then hang the shelves from your supports.

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