Photo Murals Expand Truth

The very first time I saw a picture mural was in the dentist’s office. It was the ’70s and the photograph was of a wooded path through brilliant fall leaves. At age 8, I understood it was tacky — particularly with those orange vinyl chairs.

But recently I’ve come about the concept of picture murals, likely because they have come such a long way. Sure, you still see hyperpigmented pictures of sentimental nature scenes, but in the right room, with the right decor, they can seem pretty brilliant.

In the exact same manner we have reclaimed shag rugs, macramé and beanbags from the clutches of ’70s awfulness, we also can recover the picture mural, modernizing and reimagining it. Listed below are 11 rooms where the owners have done just that.

Wish to Inspire

Everything about this diverse room is brilliant and daring. The woods photo mural just increases the general liveliness. I absolutely love it, and I never would have thought of it.


This might be the very wooden path I saw at that dentist’s office waiting room. Coupled with white walls, spare decoration and nice wood floors, it will become slick and modern (with just a slightly arched ironic eyebrow).

Ryland Peters & Small | CICO Books

Squarely in the sentimental nature scene class, this woodland waterfall manages to prevent tackiness. It winks at its origins the identical manner the disco ball does, but because of the muted colors and luxe textures in the remaining part of the decoration, it looks pretty and wealthy and adds dimension to the space.

The extreme closeups of beans, clover and mushrooms on the dining room walls in Incanto in San Francisco are a clever means to reinforce their commitment to local, real food. The photographs are beautiful, but not idealized (there’s nothing like looking at a pig at the same time you eat one).


This black and white photo mural is a enlarged old photograph of the operator’s parents. It’s cinematic and enchanting, and it include a sense of pleasure to this room (in case the red chandelier, grass-green rug along with large yellow F on the wall didn’t already set the mood).

Murals Your Way

Motion, colour and mood — that sun-bleached Ferris wheel gets it all.

Murals Your Way

Inspirational Wall Murals

A stark black and black woods behind two formal but bright Chesterfield chairs adds a touch of comedy to an otherwise quite conventional installation. It’s a fantastic juxtaposition.

Elad Gonen

Not all picture murals will need to be nature scenes. There’s no better way to fake a grand town perspective.


This is just plain funny. Additionally, it is oddly beautiful. When you set a giant close-up of a bunny on your bathroom wall, then you can pretty much bank on the fact that you’ve got the most first loo around.

The Lettered Cottage

Unlike landscape photograph murals, which seem to expand a space, this closeup of blue cable knit appears to miniaturize it. It’s like getting a mouse’s-eye perspective — cozy and a little odd.

Rikki Snyder

Photo murals don’t have to cover an whole wall. This one adds thickness to the fireplace. The view is a little jarring, but it’s beautiful, especially since the rest of the room is indeed spare.


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