Loving Color: A Rainbow of Sofas

Some people today decorate on the road less traveled. Most of us know the plan tip: Stick with neutrals for your large pieces of furniture (namely sofa) and bring in color with accents, like pillows. But if all of us followed this idea to go with a neutral sofa, where would all of the vibrant sofas live? From time to time, you can’t check the box next to”stock color.” At times, you want to choose a color that speaks to you. Following is a rainbow of possibilities to get you started on your hunt.

Olga Adler

You can’t go wrong with a traditional red sofa, particularly when you pull in a touch of crimson with all the window treatments and keep the wall neutral and nice. If you’re going to invest in a new sofa, I say it could as well be glowing and get noticed.

Natural Balance Home Builders

Orange is the best color pick for these modern Togo sofas.

Jan Skacelik

Two things make this living space super cheerful and joyful: the sunlight coming in and shining on most of the white walls and the glowing yellow sofa.

A bright color choice for this sofa makes it pop from the dark walls. I love the mixture of citron yellow and a charcoal grey.

Hint: Keep it simple. A vibrant sofa works well against neutral walls, such as white or dark grey. If your walls are a bold shade, a bright yellow sofa may overwhelm the space.

Kathleen Walsh Interiors, LLC

I feel like I’m peeking within a Scandinavian cottage: lots of white with a pop of spring green that feels fresh and contemporary.

Adeeni Design Group

This dark green sofa looks timeless and comfy nested at a living space full of hot reds and yellows.

Debbie Basnett, Vintage Scout Interiors

This blue sofa is a great alternative if you’re choosing to tiptoe into a sofa in a non-neutral color.

Abelow Sherman Architects LLC

Choosing a pretty color, like purple, to get a sofa with a contemporary shape that balances the feminine with the masculine.

Vintage Renewal

I’m in love with this vintage pink sofa. Together with that rug, art and unmistakable bohemian chic spirit — I’m sold.

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