How to Open an Above Ground Pool

Opening up handyman Arvada is not that difficult. With lots of patience, even a first timer can do it, if they have the proper tools for the job.


– Chlorine

– Chlorine stabilizer

– Pool shock

– Pool algaecide

– pH plus and pH minus

Step 1

Get rid of any accumulated debris or water that’s on top of the pool cover. Use a pool cover pump or a soft broom to do this.

Step 2

Remove the pool cover carefully so that no debris falls into the water. Then wash the pool cover, dry it and keep it in a safe and airtight space. This will extend the life of the pool cover.

Step 3

Get the winter plugs out of the skimmer. Remove the Ice Removal Services Dover compensator too if the skimmer bucket has one. Return the baskets into the skimmer and insert the eyeball jets into the return lines from where you removed the plugs.

Step 4

Fill up the pool again since chances are that the water levels have dropped during winter.

Step 5

Check if the ladder is in good condition and then set it up.

Step 6

Set up your filter system by ensuring that the drain plugs, gauges, and other stuff have been connected. Then connect the filter.

First, attach the drain hose from the skimmer to the bottom of the pump. Next, attach the hose from the top of the pump to the pump port. From the pump port, attach the hose to the chlorinator or heater if you have one.

Step 7

Clear any air that might be in the filter system by priming the pump so that it doesn’t get dry. Check that the multi-valve port is in the filter position and then turn on your filter. Check if there are any leaks on the system, skimmer or hose.

Step 8

Vacuum the floor of the pool, brush up the walls and skim the pool surface to get rid of any rubbish that might be in the pool. Less rubbish in the pool means you have to add fewer chemicals into the water.

Step 9

Sanitizing handyman Arvada is important. Do this by first shocking the pool and then adding the algaecide. Let the chlorine levels go down from the pool shock and then test the chlorine to ensure that it is at the recommended level of 1-3 ppm. Next, add a chlorine stabilizer.

Step 10

Assess the pH levels, alkalinity and calcium levels in the water with the help of a pool test kit and make the necessary adjustments if they are not at the recommended levels.

– Alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm

– pH should be between 7.2-7.6

– Calcium should be between 180-220

Step 11

handyman Arvada CO should be tested after you have run it for at least 24 hours. Check the pool water and make the required adjustments to the chemicals.

Once you have balanced everything and the pool is clear, you can start enjoying it.

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