How to Make a Single-Flower Wall Vase

Nothing looks quite as elegant as a single flower in a vase, and it does not have to be limited to a tabletop, dresser or kitchen countertop. A single-flower wall vase is straightforward to create and may brighten any room.

Upcycled Food Jar

A glass food jar or bottle with threads around the opening can be hung on a wall hook using jute twine or sisal cord. Peel the label off a tall, thin olive jar or banana pepper jar, or even look for something more ornamental, including a honey or maple syrup jar. Wrap the cord twice around the neck of the glass container beneath the screw threads. Secure the cord with a tight knot, leaving 8 to 10 inches of cord on each end. Tie a second knot at the end of their long tails to form a hanging loop. Fill the container with 2 inches of water for a live flower, or just add a cotton blossom. Utilize a self-adhesive hook to hang your upcycled wall vase, or even hang it from an existing wall hook along with a knob on a coat rack.

Framed Milk Bottle

Make a three-dimensional wall art vase with an empty image frame and a vintage glass milk bottle. Start looking for a bottle with a narrow neck which has a glass or ceramic lid with metal hardware. Select a picture frame that complements your room decor while also standing out from the wall; for example, a dark wooden frame contrasts well against a white wall. Remove the glass and backboard of this frame and mount it on the wall. Remove the hardware from the top of the glue bottle to get the lid off, and replace the metallic ring. Put in a small metal hook at the wall, just over the middle point within the frame. Utilize a wall anchor to make sure it is protected. Hang the adhesive bottle’s metal ring on the hook. Add a silk flower and floral greenery to help hide the hardware.

Rustic Mason Jar

Using a small scrap of reclaimed timber and a Mason jar, then you may produce a pastoral wall vase to your favourite flower. The Mason jar is held in position by a metal pipe clamp. Open the pipe clamp and drill a hole during the previous notch to screw it into the wood. The tightening mechanism must currently be facing forwards. Screw the wood piece into a wall stud if possible; differently, use a wall. Place the cover of the jar into the pipe clamp and tighten it shut. Add a little bit of water and a flower, or neglect the water and use a silk flower. Utilize a longer piece of timber with extra pipe clamps if you would like to add more jars.

Mounted Wine Bottle

Add a bit of romance to any room with a wine bottle blossom vase attached directly to the wall or into a piece of wood mounted on the wall. The hardware required features a 1-inch split-ring hanger, a 3/8-inch upper plate connector or ceiling flange, a 3/8-inch threaded rod cut into a length of 2 1/2 inches, and two screws with wall anchors for the upper plate connector. Set the top plate connector in place to mark the locations for the screws. Predrill holes to the wall anchors, add them, and screw in the upper plate connector. Screw in the threaded rod and split-ring hanger. Place the wine bottle neck at the hanger and tighten the screws. If you can’t get a tight fit around the neck, then apply half-inch, double-sided foam mounting tape around the bottle’s neck.

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