Go Wide With a Football-Watching Party Outside

The start of the new NFL season is just round the corner. On Wednesday evening, September 5, 2012, the Cowboys of Dallas take on the Giants of New York. You couldn’t ask for a much better kickoff to soccer season, as this is one of those great NFL rivalries, pitting “America’s Team” contrary to the Superbowl champions.

While being at the arena to watch the game is excellent, soccer is a game that’s made for tv. All the better if you are lucky enough to live in a mild climate in which the tv can be outdoors and you get to enjoy soccer season while lounging by the swimming pool.

So let us take a look at some external television spaces perfect for watching all of the upcoming games.

Phil Kean Designs

If any dwelling was made to watch a sporting event whilst relaxing by or at the pool, it’s the New American Home exhibited at the 2012 International Builders’ Show. Large glass doors open so the family room blends easily with all the pool and the patio.

Phil Kean Designs

Only a flick of a switch and down comes the screen. The big game is prepared for viewing from the comfort of a lounge chair or the pool (next picture).

Phil Kean Designs

While those at Green Bay, Wisconsin, will probably be watching the game while downing some brats and beer, we in Florida will be enjoying some fresh seafood and daiquiris.

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People residing in Southern California can enjoy their soccer games while sipping wine on the patio. The thing is, a soccer game needs to be viewed on a very big screen so you feel as though you’re in the huddle. So go as big as you can.

Belzberg Architects

Which brings me to this. Why not turn the whole home into one big screen? Those monster Jumbotrons aren’t just for the people at the stadiums. You are able to turn soccer night in America to a neighborhood block party.

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

If your favourite place to watch soccer is your regional sports pub, it is possible to make one at home. A pub, bar stools along with numerous screens all add up to some pretty nice venue for watching the games.

8 Ingredients of the Fantastic Football Party Room

AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc..

Better yet, place the pub outside next to the pool. There’s nothing like taking a dip in the water during a break in the action. Along with also a venue in this way gives visiting a favourite watering hole a whole new meaning.

LaRue Architects

Add a little warmth for as soon as the temperature dips, and you’ve got a fantastic gathering place in which family and friends can watch the game regardless of what the temperature. Make it a heated pool, and you’ll have the best venue around.


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An outdoor place for game watching does not have to cost big dollars or become a permanent installation. All you will need is a projector and a portable screen, and you’ll be enjoying the fantastic outdoors while watching your favourite team.

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