Get the Hang of Rethinking Mirrors

Mirrors in design are usually employed for practical reasons, such as within the bathroom sink or to help small spaces feel bigger through reflection. In such situations, it’s easy enough to simply hang a mirror on a hook and then call it a day. However, by being clever, there’s room to make a statement when integrating your own mirrors. Instead of hanging a mirror on your own mantel, have you considered applying a mirrored face to your entire fireplace? Or creating a design from mirrored pieces, such as a wall mounted mosaic? When you start thinking beyond the box, then you are going to realize there’s a complete expanse of unique mirror software prepared to be expressed from your home.

So long, mirrored medicine cabinet. This tile design took creative liberties by integrating mirrored tiles among subway tiles. Notice how a couple mirrored tiles were carried by the designer into the shower — ideal for shaving!

Jamie Herzlinger

A mirrored mosaic wall in this little bathroom not only can help to open the space, but also lends an intriguing visual impact.

Mark R. Eggen Construction, Inc..

Instead of applying a right sheet of mirror to some nook inset or backsplash, consider creating a design using tiles. This enriches the mirror’s aesthetic by providing a sense of texture.

Jarlath Mellett

By no signifies is hanging a mirror completely out of the question. However, instead of just one, consider creating a screen with mirrors of different styles or dimensions for more appeal.

Between Naps on the Porch

You might also want to consider mixing mirrors with art. You will get that feeling of enlarged space while also creating an interesting gallery wall.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Or, instead of mixing hanging mirrors, juxtapose a hanging mirror with mirrored furniture. This look feels much more layered since there are distinct dimensions of reflection.

Imagine Living

If you are more comfortable with only one mirror, try to find something which feels cohesive together with all the furniture nearby. The result will feel like a unified vignette.

Or use a mirror which doubles as a decorative piece to get a compelling look.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

You might think that a mirror is just what your fireplace mantel needs. However, what about mirroring the whole surface of your fireplace? This unexpected and contemporary spin on your fireplace will have a far larger effect than the mirror resting on the mantel.

Bruce Palmer Interior Design

This aluminum twist weaving through the mirror creates an effect. Talk about a statement!

Studio William Hefner

Feel free to work this thought into your aesthetic in smaller doses, such as focusing solely on drawers or the inside panels of a cupboard.

My Romantic Home

You can also get creative with your own frames. This window frame tricks the eye into thinking it’s looking outdoors at first glance.

Amelie de Gaulle Interiors

Or put in a frame in an odd manner. A sheet of glass is rather common; it will become compelling with the clever addition of this circular frame.

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