Frame Your Views With Great Moldings and Casings

Decorative plaster or wood trim implemented where walls meet ceilings, doors and/or windows go a long way to define an area’s feel. The easiest, off-the-shelf moldings and casings can give a prospective dull space depth.

Do not get me wrong; you can have plenty of depth without moldings, also. But if you do have moldings, casings and cuts, then there are many ways to treat them. Stain them for a historic feel, paint them white for a traditional New England crispness, paint them the same colour as the wall to create a seamless framed view that doesn’t detract from a fabulous window treatment. Really, the options are endless.

Rachel Reider Interiors

A traditional approach to moldings highlights them with a bright white paint makes everything look clean whilst developing a fantastic contrast with walls.

Rachel Reider Interiors

While hiding flaws into the ceiling even a strip of crown molding gives architectural interest to a space. Painting the ceiling and the crown molding exactly the same color gives also makes a space with lower ceilings feel taller and more expansive.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

You can not get much than black and white. I especially like how the dark (albeit light-filled) room leads to an all-white room. The walls, ceilings and trim seem to be painted all the same colour in the adjacent room, which makes the black more special and unexpected without being overwhelming.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

Moldings and casings do not necessarily have to match! In this design the crown molding contrasts with the ceiling and walls while the door casings and built in shelves are all coordinated.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Rachel Reider expertly calls attention to the unique ceiling treatment, stately crown molding and picture molding with the perfect paint remedy in this area.

Kevin Kelly Interiors

Most molding we see is quite ordinary, off-the-shelf and unremarkable, although just about all of it gives spaces. Then you come across molding like this, and it just deserves a minute to bring it in. Highly decorative details become a layer of feel that deepens the design and can’t be ignored.

Carson Poetzl, Inc..

Obviously, not all of molding and trim needs to be while and bright; make a real statement with a white space and bold, contrasting trim. This room works especially well since the wooden doors soften the starkness of white and the black.

Worthington Architecture + Design

This modern house doesn’t need a good deal of decorative molding and trim to feel special (in actuality, they might detract from the desired look). However, these stained timber window casings create standout frames to the gorgeous views beyond. Along with the matching ceilings and walls actually let those window sing.

Nic Darling

No decroative architectural details at all? No worries! The dark-painted panes give the molding- and casing-free windows a feeling of depth, and of course architectural interest.

Valerie DeRoy Interiors, LLC

Do something crazy and wonderful: Paint the walls and moldings exactly the same colour but make the doors and ceiling pop in contrast, and also in this case, an outstanding door design.

I’m always in favor of painting moldings and casings exactly the identical colour as walls. I’m also a lover of matte paint in general, but especially if all of the cosmetic trim is painted in. Do not worry; matte paint is just as wipeable as eggshell but doesn’t have that rental-apartment sheen so a lot of us are familiar with.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Another fantastic example of the monochromatic approach. This blue lets the ceilings and pendant glow. The headboard is a similar colour, giving the space a subtle and sophisticated ensuite feel.

Ken Levenson Architect P.C.

Had they been known in a contrasting colour, this molding’s elements may have been deflecting.

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