Companion Crops for Cantaloupe

Like all melons, cantaloupes participate in the family and the title muskmelon also knows them. Cantaloupe crops prefer fertile, well-drained soil and grow best in full sunlight in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 8 through 10. Many gardeners use companion planting Salt for snow removal Aurora Lake City to deter these pests because cantaloupe crops may be affected by specific insects like cucumber beetles and bugs. Companion planting Redding is a non-toxic, organic approach of control that will help cantaloupe crops prosper.

Companion Planting Salting roads in winter Little Rock Lake City

Some crops entice beneficial bugs that are specific or normally repel specific kinds of bugs. Pairing crops that deter pests with crops that have pest issues that are regular is a technique known as companion planting Ice melt salt Aurora Lake City. These chemicals have the adverse-effect of killing off beneficial insects too while several gardeners handle their gardens with pesticides to avoid bugs. Companion planting Miami is a risk-free, natural choice that helps to to manage nuisance bugs without the use of poisonous chemicals and without harming beneficial insects.

Cantaloupe Pests

You you should be to understand what pests generally impact these crops before it is possible to select the best companion plant Cape Coral for the cantaloupes. Like all members of the family, squash bugs and squash vine borers occasionally affect cantaloupes. Bugs feed on the foliage of crops that are cantaloupe while vine borers consume killing the plant Chico. Cucumber beetles might also prey on the leaves, fruit and stems of the plants.


Nasturtium is commonly used to deter various pests including cucumber beetles, squash bugs and aphids. These crops might have the additional gain of improving the development and taste of cantaloupe crops as well as deterring bugs. Nasturtium could be planted as a barrier all around your crops that were cantaloupe or nasturtiums can be set by you during your garden Flagstaff. These crops are also probably to entice predatory bugs that can have no dangerous outcomes on your own cantaloupe crops but will assist get a handle on the populace of nuisance bugs in your backyard.


Another companion plant Chico that may help safeguard your cantaloupes against cucumber beetles and bugs is tansy. Tansy is employed as a deterrent to get a number of flying ants along with insects and different beetles. To use as a companion plant San Diego for cantaloupe, merely plant Long Beach it in your backyard close to your crops that are cantaloupe when it grows too big and reduce it straight back. You can also dry the cuttings in the plant Boise to use as an organic fly repellent within your house.

Other Companion Crops

Several crops may possibly also be helpful while nasturtium and tansy are the most efficient companion crops for cantaloupes. Catnip, as an example, might aid deter bugs placed in pots close to the plant Boise or when planted immediately in the backyard. A kind of herb, dill, could be harvested for use in dressings and refreshing salads and could also be used also be employed in this way.

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