Add Play with White and Black Stripes

When heading for highcontrast, it will not get any more daring than utilizing white and black. Literally. I adore them, although occasionally this appearance is too much for many people. Mentions to costumes that are jailbird be darned, I really like the drama of white and black stripes.

To use this maximum comparison to the fullest, look at a daring wall such as the one in the initial picture underneath. To examine the waters, consider by utilizing them in cloth drape panels, softening the stripes or under foot on a carpet. In case you are only toying with all the notion of white and black stripes, begin small, using a toss pillow or picture. Go larger with your stripes from that point in case you love it! Here are a few cases, most daring first…

That is a heck of a lot but the white and black palette helps it go collectively.

Here a white and black drape enhances the glamour of the dining location.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

This wonderful carpet provides solid foundation that is image to the chamber.

Judith Balis Interiors

This white and black couch supports its own against zebra pillows, hotpink seats, and turquoise walls!

This gives new meaning to the phrase “flooring to ceiling”.

Here the black is more dominating, offering the chamber a different feel compared to ones we have observed with stripe widths that were equally sized.

Tomar Lampert Associates

Stripes on the angled with this flooring keep the eyes going.

A white and black awning constantly inspires me to catch a picture. This one is in PTown.

And this one is in Savannah. Guy and oh, this eatery is REALLY GREAT!


It is possible to add only a touch of white and black play using a dose that is modest, in this way pillow.

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