8 Ways to Present Your Entryway Summery Goodness

Coming home to some new, inspiring entry with signals of summer on screen is a fantastic way to downshift from a hectic day or even week. Embrace that simple, summery feeling the minute you step through the door by making a few adjustments to your entry. Here are eight methods to do just that.

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1. Set a relaxed, beachy tone. If you walk into the door, what is the very first thing you’d really like to see? Choose one thing that reflects the essence of summer to you and put it prominently at the entry.

Try this: Prop up a vintage beachfront painting; fill out glass lamps or jars with sand; pile a few favorite beach reads or books about the ocean.

No Entrance Hall? Create the Illusion of One

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2. Keep summer essentials on screen. Just looking at a row of straw hats on hooks and stacks of colorful beach towels is soothing, so don’t keep your beach gear under wraps.

Try this: Keep a beach tote stocked with all of your essentials, from swimsuit to sunscreen, packed and ready by the door. After each trip to the shore, take the opportunity to wash and repack everything, which means you’ll be prepared to go next moment.

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3. Pare streamline and back. Summer is all about taking it easy — so why not make things simpler and easier for yourself by doing away with excess stuff? A little tray for email (emptied regularly), a few hidden storage plus a few carefully selected decorative accessories are all you need in your entryway.

Try this: Without thinking about it too much, empty everything that screams “clutter” to a cardboard box. Ratty shoes, old email, the entire contents of your junk drawer — all of it. If it helps, imagine that a photographer is coming to shoot your entry for a magazine cover. Hide the box if you have to, but if you have not even peeked within a month, it out.

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4. Locate stylish storage solutions. Of course there are things we all have to have access to, even though they may be magazine shoot–worthy. But that does not mean they must end up sprawled all over the ground. Bring in some storage, and voilĂ  — problem solved.

Try this: Cover a fundamental round table or demilune using a floor-length cloth, and apply the area underneath for storage. Use a beautiful Nantucket-style basket to hide keys or dog leashes.

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5. Lighten up a little area. Go for a airy texture in a little entry with an all-white color scheme. Lack of clutter is key here, so that it can help to be vigilant about putting things out immediately.

Try this: Publish a whitewashed mirror using a bracketed wall socket and add sun-bleached coral and shells for decoration. A few baskets set on the ground or on wall hooks may comprise shoes and other essentials.

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6. Give the staircase a bold new look. An entry that opens into a stairwell may feel a bit boring. Ensure that yours puts a smile on your face using bold strokes of color and adopting positive memories using a photo wall.

Try this: Paint a runner on your staircase by stripping off the middle section and coating with the color of your choice. Match your image frame color to the runner for a brand new, coordinated appearance.

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7. Make use of beachcombing finds. Giving driftwood, sea glass, smooth stone and shells a home from the front entrance is a fantastic way to welcome summer.

Try this: Attach long pieces of driftwood into the wall using L-brackets and screws for a one time screen. Borrow a few hurricane lanterns from the deck to ramp up the beachy vibe.

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8. Give floors summer time treatment. Summer can be hard on floors, particularly near entrances — be proactive by rolling a rug that can resist visitors. Bare floors are trendy and easy to clean, but realize that sand will scatter far and wide. If you go for bare floors, keep a sweeper at a cupboard close by.

Try this: External rugs are ideal at the entry since you can literally hose them off as needed. Natural-fiber rugs like jute, sisal and sea grass feel good on bare summer feet and are simple to shake out.

Inform us : What one item most states summer to you?

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