10 Garden Design Ideas to Lower Stress

As many of us know, coming home from work to a beautiful garden makes us reconnect with nature, and it can provoke feelings of instant peace and serenity. However, designing great landscape design Phoenix can be a challenge for many, especially those that live in urban areas. But don’t despair, because we have a few terrific tips and ideas that you can use as inspiration to create your own slice of landscaping heaven.

Instant Relaxation

While a relaxing walk in the garden can lift your mood instantly, it’s even better when you have your own cozy corner with a bench to retreat to. But if you really want to transform it into your own unique space, you could opt for something a bit more creative like a pod seat or a hammock.

Power Spot

The term ‘power spot’ among landscapers often refers to a special section of the garden – like a little nook or an elevated area with beautiful garden views which you can only reach through a ‘mysterious’ walkway. Do we have to say more?

Eastern View

The East is where the sun rises, and there’s no better position to face while doing your daily morning meditation or yoga. A strategically placed seat, such as a swing bench that’s placed next to foam flowers, can easily enhance the experience as well.

Functional Serenity

Another epic idea that you can incorporate into your garden is that of a special walkway which directs you towards the sun, as you take in the lush setting all around you. This trick works even better in a planted garden, as you can include creatively designed steps that go up to your power spot.

Aesthetic Flow

Create a fluid current between the different spaces in your garden, where unique plant colors and textures all blend seamlessly from one section to the other, in a way that’s reminiscent of a moving stream of water, but this time in the form of a garden Phoenix landscaping.


The proverbial ‘winding path’ is one of the most captivating characteristics of a well-planned and executed garden. These elegant curvatures mimic the organic plant forms that we often see so beautifully articulated in the wild, thus inspiring a sense of ease and connectedness.

Dappled Shade

Sitting under the speckled shade of a massive tree has a very restorative power because although cooling, it still allows for a little sun to escape through the leaves, which creates a whimsical ambiance that just transports you to another world.


As they say, water is the ‘universal solvent’, which means that it has the potential to cleanse a troubled mind while invigorating the spirit. That’s why water features like ponds or trickling water statues are an essential element of many soothing landscaping Phoenix arrangements.

Timeless Green

Lush green foliage is a timeless reminder of our connection to nature, plus green is one of the most relaxing colors, which is why it’s often used to set the tone in any garden.


Add large boulders or a mound of small pebble stones to create an element of grounded stability in your garden. These look especially attractive when surrounded by an outcropping of blossoming flowers.

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